Cleveland & Carlyle, LLC is a very private equity firm. We tend to invest our own money as debt or equity or with our strategic partners in distressed  companies. Since we invest in distressed situations where many times hands on management is required in addition to capital we keep a very low profile. This maximizes our returns and those of our partners as our invested companies do not suffer a reverse distress premium due to our known investment. That's why we are...Very Private Equity.

Very Private Equity.

Strategic Partners

We do not solicit investors, nor do we manage other people's money. All our transactions are financed with our money, outside debt or our strategic partners.



While we do not invest in Real Estate, or Real Estate development projects but have invested in the following industries; oil and gas production, medical clinics, commodity resale, warehouse distribution, online marketing, construction, manufacturing, cemeteries and many others. We are industry agnostic except for the marijuana industry, a category we will not participate in anyway.


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